High performance trilayer MoS2 photodetector

  • Nguyen Linh Nam The University of Danang, University of Technology and Education


The two-dimensional molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) material has attracted a lot of attention and research recently because of the outstanding properties including layer-strutured semiconductor material and a direct band gap. These properties make MoS2 to be great potential for application in electronics and optoelectronics. In this study, we fabricated and measured a photodetector made of trilayer MoS2 materials based on nanopore structure devices. The highly crystalline trilayer MoS2 films were synthesized and placed on top of the nanopore. The aluminum metal is then evaporated and contacted to both sides of this MoS2 film to form electrodes for conductivity measurement. The measured vertical trilayer MoS2 photodetector exhibited high photoresponsivity and photogain of about 105 A/W and 105, respectively. It is also found that the photo switching of photodetector is stable and reproducible with fast rise and decay times in milisecond scale. These characteristics make few-layer MoS2 device to work as optical switches for optoelectronic applications.


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