Investigation of Ber Performances in Chaotic-Secured Optical Fiber Communication Systems using the 4-PAM Modulation Scheme

  • Vu Anh Dao Hanoi University of Science and Technology, Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Tran Thi Thanh Thuy The Posts and Telecommunications Institute of Technology, Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Truong Cao Dung The Posts and Telecommunications Institute of Technology, Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Nguyen Xuan Quyen Hanoi University of Science and Technology, Hanoi, Vietnam


This paper presents a numerical simulation investigation on the bit error rate in a chaotic-secured fiber channel and a conventional fiber channel when propagating independently. The investigated communication system uses the pulse-amplitude modulation scheme (4-PAM) at the bit rate of 10 Gbps, the fiber length of 100 km, and the operation wavelength of 1550 nm. Our simulation results demonstrate both chaotic and non-chaotic transmission channels can well operate with the bit rate up to 20 Gbps with the BER smaller than 10-5 if dispersion and fiber loss issues are appropriately compensated without needing forwarderror-correction, showing high potential in physically secured optical fiber communication systems.


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