Operating Performance of Power Systems Integrated HVDC Solution: KonTum-GiaLai Transmission System Case Considering Penetration of Renewable Energy

  • Kim Hung Le The University of Danang, University of Science and Technology, Danang, Vietnam
  • Ngoc Thien Nam Tran National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan
  • Viet Tri Nguyen Gia Lai Power Transmission Company - Power Transmission Company No. 3, Vietnam
  • The Khanh Truong The University of Danang, University of Science and Technology, Danang, Vietnam
  • Minh Quan Duong The University of Danang, University of Science and Technology, Danang, Vietnam


The increasing demand for electricity along with the development of distributed generators showed that improving transmission efficiency and reliability is an indispensable requirement in the operation of the power system. Advanced technologies need to be applied to modern power systems for purposes of conveying large power flows, mitigating the risk of faults. High-voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission is now considered an effective solution for investment in large-length power lines, replacing the conventional high-voltage alternative current (HVAC) transmission system, especially in period of increasing generation capacity due to the penetration of renewable energy sources. This study assesses the performance of the HVDC system on an actual power grid based on planning and improvement demands. The calculation results of power flows, power losses and short-circuit faults were investigated using ETAP software



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